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K. Diegem Sport – KV. Turnhout 2-1

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/02/05

20110205 K. Diegem Sport – KV. Turnhout 2-1

Tunhout, always turn-up the heat when they play Diegem and this time was no exception, it was a windy Saturday morning and both teams were egar to get the ball rolling. Diegem started confidently with some swift passes and couple of shorts at goal but Turnhout, with their rock solid defence well ochcestrated by their captain and keeper was able to undo most of diegem’s threads. However there was one incident mid- way through the first half where Turnhout had failed to handeld one of the diegam’s attack properly which resulted in Nils sending unmarked Ayoub a nice pass and Ayoub sent a dipping short into the back of the net, 1-0 for diegem.
Second -half saw Turnhout, make a fine comeback and comeback they did, Number 4 Stef, was always, a thread when he get the ball in front of the Diegem’s panalty area, and digem gifted him a wonderful opportunity when they gave turnhout with a free kick. Number 4, stef placed the ball, walked back a couple of step and took an excellent shot which found the back of the diegem’s net, 1-1.
Diegem gave everything they’ve got in search of the winner but it was looking quiet dim as the clock ticked by. Diegem’ s persistance paid off in the dying minutes of the game and Din Sula was the match winner with a header which just got pass the reach of turnhout’s brilliant keeper, 2-1; final score.


Diegem Sport: Gillian, Adil, Yunus, Emile, Nassim, Sabri, Nils, Souhail, Din, Drin, Ayoub;- Thoma, Jeremy, Jorn, Michael
Trainer: Said

Diegem goals: Ayoub & Din
Turnhout goal: Stef

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  1. dinedrin said

    proficiat jongens, belangerijke 3 puntjes

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