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Archive for March, 2011

Tempo Overejse – K. Diegem Sport 0-2

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/03/26

20110326 Tempo Overejse – K. Diegem Sport

Diegem: Gillian, Adil, Emile, Cedric, Nassim, Jeremy, Nils, Souhail, Din, Drin, Yunus;- Ayoub, Sabri, Thoma, Jorn

Trainer: Said

Diegem Gaols: Nassim & Din

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Lommel United – K. Diegem Sport 3-1

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/03/19

20110319 Lommel United – K. Diegem Sport 3-1

Diegem: Gillian, Yunus, Emile, Nassim, Jeremy, Cedric, Nils, Souhail, Din, Drin Ayoub:- Thoma, Sabri, Adil, Michael

Diegem Goal: Din

Trainer Said

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GeitenCup: K. Diegem Sport – K. Ternesse VV 5-0

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/03/16

20110316 GeitenCup: K. Diegem Sport vs K. Ternesse VV

Diegem: Gillian, Jeremy, Younus, Emile, Nassim, Cedric, Nils, Souhail, Din, Drin, Ayoub:- Thoma, Adil, Michael

Diegem Goals: Drin, Nils, Souhail, Nils, Emile
Trainer Said

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K. Diegem Sport – CS Visé 0-1

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/03/12

20110312 K. Diegem Sport – CS Visé 0-1

It’s 4 days after their first defeat, Diegem takes on Visé at home, their spirits a little down, and this time Cedric (nick named ironman) the piller in theid defence, he has to play with the u14. Diegem has to pick themselves up and put behind the defeat afterall they still have everything to play for. Visé came with the intentions to cause futher damage to Diegem’s title hope and they played very confidently. Again it was Diegem who started brightly with some good passes and creating some very positive chances, however they failed to produce the goals that they so badly needed, Wezet barely threathened Diegem’s back line half time score 0-0.
Lady lucky was just not on Diegem’s side, in one of their rare attacks, visé managed to send a long ball into Diegem’s penalty box and in in a mix up between Gillian and Nassim, Visé managed to sneek in a goal. From then on it was full blast on the part of Diegem to find the equilizer, as I said earlier Lady lucky was no where to be found as the post and cross bar stood in Diegem’s way. The equlizer never came but the final whistel did, and thus condemind Diegem into their second defeat in less then 4days. The final score, Diegem 0 – Visé 1.

Diegem: Gillian, Adil, Yunus, Emile, Nassim, Sabri, Thoma, Souhail, Din, Drin, Nils:- Jorn, Michael, Ayoub
Cedric with U14 & Jeremy off
Trainer Said

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K. Diegem Sport – Lommel United 1-2

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/03/08

20110308 K. Diegem Sport – Lommel United 1-2

Who would have thought that this evening, we would look at the under 13, nationals, 3rd division, b-series league table and see, this: Diegem; played 21; win15; draw 5……. Loose 1. Tuesday 8th March, Diegem suffered their first defeat in 21 games of, 2010/11 season competition in the hands of Lommel United.
Every thing looked set for another win at the start of the second half, Diegem leading 1-0, missed a penalty, had a hand full of one on one chances which they missed , things looked even more to Diegem’s advantage, when Lommel had one man sent off.
The game took a turn, in a strange way, Lommel came alive!, one man short one goal down, but they took control of the game, Diegem was pushed into defence as Lommel took advantage of a weak spot in their right defence, kept hitting it several times and before the final whistel scored 2 gaols, making the final score Diegem 1- Lommel united 2.
It was a gery day for the Diegem, as they watched Lommel celebrate, after inflicting them their first defeat of the saeson.

Diegem: Gillian, Adil, Yunus, Emile, Cedric, Sabri, Nils, Souhail, Din, Drin, Ayoub;- Thoma, Jorn, Michael

Diegem goal: Din

Trainer Said

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AEC Mons – K. Diegem Sport 0-0

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/03/05

20110305 AEC Mons – K. Diegem Sport 0-0

The day seems regular when we arrived in Mons at 9.00 am, but in 1 hours time Digem will be playing red hot Mons without 4 of their regular players, no Din, Ayoub, Nils and Nassim. It’s a great opportunity for the guys who do not get to start regularly to prove themselves, plus the 2 players who came with the team who plays for the under 12 years.
The wistel blew and the game kicked off, The boys in green played hard and fast and was really going for it, Mons were put under pressure breaking out into Diegem’s territory only on a few counter attacks. Diegem squanded many chances to score and and eventually lost the chance to take all 3 points. Mons on the otherhand defended very well and stood firm, at the end of the day the game ended in a 0-0 draw, I guess it was a fair result.


Diegem: Gillian, Michael, Emile, Jeremy, Drin, Sabri, Souhail, Thoma, Jorn, Younus-; Adil, Lukas U12, Yassin U12,

Din, Ayoub, Nils & Nassim played with U14

Trainer Said

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