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Archive for February, 2011

K. Diegem Sport – Bregel Sport 2-0

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/02/26

20110226 K. Diegem Sport – Bregel Sport 2-0

Bregel came a long way to play Diegem and they do not plan on going home empty handed, holding Diegem, to a draw or better still beating them was high on their agenda and it will be a great honour for them. The pitch and weather was miserable, and sad to say but the quality of the game did not differ very much. Diegem pushed , Bregel hard but they were not able to pin them down, once again a flury of missed chances and poor finishes haunted the game, however thanks to a moment of brilliance by Younus midway in the first half gave Diegem the 1-0 lead.
The second half, was not much different, at least four if not five one on one chances with the bergel’s keeper were wasted by Diegems’s poor finishing touch, when all seem lost, Thoma, slotted a second goal which literally rolled past the goal line, making it 2-0 for Diegem. The three points secured but in the view of their faithful fans Diegem did not show up, once again. It’s a trip up to the hills next week, when Diegem takes on Mons, we are all hoping their performance will also be on it’s heights!

Diegem Sport:Gillian, Adil, Emile, Jeremy, Cedric, Sabri, Nils, Souhail, Din, Drin, Younus;- Ayoub, Thoma, Michael

Trainer Said

Gaols: Younus & Thoma

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GeitenCup: Dilbeek Sport – K. Diegem Sport 2-5

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/02/23

Tornooi Geiten Cup: Dilbeek Sport – K. Diegem Sport 2-5

Diegem: Gillian, Adil, Emile, Cedric, Nassim, Sabri, Nils, Jeremy, Din, Drin, Ayoub-; Thoma, Souhail, Yunus, Michael

Trainer Said

Diegem Goals: Din, Din, Din, Yunus, Sabri

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White Star Woluwe – K. Diegem Sport 0-2

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/02/19

White Star Woluwe – K. Diegem Sport 0-2

This game could be summerized very simply in one sentance, two goals from Ayob, one in each half and a two fine saves by Gilian, Diegem’s keeper made the final score, White Star 0 Diegem 2.

The number of misses including a penalty( third penalty in three concecative matches), on the otherhand is more the talking point. There was a major lack of concentration on the part of our boys to finish good chances and that was the down side of the game . White Star, did not really threathen Diegem, they(diegem) could have really increased their goal tally but it did not happen. I guess Diegem displayed once again the mark of a winning team which is being able to walk away with the three points inspite of not playing well.

Diegem Sport: Gillian, Jeremy, Emile, Cedric, Nassim, Sabri, Thoma, Souhail, Din, Drin, Ayoub;- Adil, Yunus, Michael
Trainer Said

Gaols: Ayoub, Ayoub

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K. Diegem Sport – KSK Hasselt 1-0

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/02/12

20110212 K. Diegem Sport – KSK Hasselt 1-0

Thanks to few committed people who were willing to clear the waterlog field before the match, that the game was allowed to be played by the refree. As expected it was a muddy affair, the conditions of the field made it very difficult for both teams, but the show must go on. Diegem was the better team, creating some good chances in the first half, in fact they scored twice but was disallowed on both occatoins by the refree. One for a challenge on the keeper and the other for offside both decisions were questionable but refree’s decision was final! The first ended 0-0.
Second half, saw Diegem turning up the heat a lot more with , Adil, hitting the bar with a shot and Ayoub with a header, Diegem was also awarded a panelty, which Nils failed to convert. In the midts of all those missed chances, match winner for the second week in succession, Din Sula, managed to steal a header that went under the keeper’s arms and rolled past the goal line making it, 1-0, to Diegem. Three points in the bag for Diegem but it’s game that would not be in many of our memory as a classic.

K. Diegem Sport: Gillian, Adil, Yunus, Emile, Cedric, Jeremy, Thoma, Souhail, Din, Drin, Ayoub;- Nils, Jorn, Michael
Trainet Said
Diegem goal: Din

Diegem – U13
Yannic Loix @ 15-02-2011, from KSK Hasselt website

Door de zware regenval van vrijdag was het veld van Diegem herschapen in een waar modderbad. Geen voordeel voor ons tegen een technisch en fysiek zeer sterke tegenstander. Het wordt ploeteren en zwoegen en in de eerste minuten krijgen we al een serieuze verwittiging wanneer een afstandsschot tegen de deklat belandt. Na de eerste vijf minuten vinden we onze drive en komen we goed in de wedstrijd. Iedereen doet goed wat er gevraagd wordt en we liggen zeker niet onder, bij momenten komen we zelfs gevaarlijk opzetten.
Weinig kansen en veel middenveldspel zorgen voor een 0-0 rusttsand. Na de pauze blijven we hard werken en iedereen knokt voor wat hij waard is. Het krachtigere Diegem heeft iets minder moeite met het veld en een hoge bal wordt kansloos naast onze doelman binnengekopt. 1-0. Even later zetten wij een mooie aanval op maar het iets te zwakke schot belandt in de handen van de Diegemse keeper. Tien minuten voor tijd krijgt de tegenstander een strafschop als hun spits in het strafschopgebied gehaakt wordt. Onze keeper pakt de elfmeter en zo blijven we in de wedstrijd. Echte kansen krijgen we niet meer en we verliezen de wedstrijd met het kleinste verschil.

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GeitenCup: K. Diegem Sport – KRC. Mechelen 0-1

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/02/09

20110209 Tornooi Geitencup: K. Diegem Sport – KRC Mechelen 0-1

Diegem Sport: Gillian, Jeremy, Yunus, Cedric, Nassim, Drin, Nils, Souhail, Din, Thoma, Ayoub-; Sabri, Adil, Jorn, Emile
Trainer Said

20110209 KFCO Wilrijk – Germinal Berschot 1-8

Groupe E: Diegem, Dilbeek, KRC Mechelen and K. Ternesse VV.
Groupe F: KFCO WIlrijk, Germinal Berschot, R. Cappellen FC and KFC Vrasene

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K. Diegem Sport – KV. Turnhout 2-1

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/02/05

20110205 K. Diegem Sport – KV. Turnhout 2-1

Tunhout, always turn-up the heat when they play Diegem and this time was no exception, it was a windy Saturday morning and both teams were egar to get the ball rolling. Diegem started confidently with some swift passes and couple of shorts at goal but Turnhout, with their rock solid defence well ochcestrated by their captain and keeper was able to undo most of diegem’s threads. However there was one incident mid- way through the first half where Turnhout had failed to handeld one of the diegam’s attack properly which resulted in Nils sending unmarked Ayoub a nice pass and Ayoub sent a dipping short into the back of the net, 1-0 for diegem.
Second -half saw Turnhout, make a fine comeback and comeback they did, Number 4 Stef, was always, a thread when he get the ball in front of the Diegem’s panalty area, and digem gifted him a wonderful opportunity when they gave turnhout with a free kick. Number 4, stef placed the ball, walked back a couple of step and took an excellent shot which found the back of the diegem’s net, 1-1.
Diegem gave everything they’ve got in search of the winner but it was looking quiet dim as the clock ticked by. Diegem’ s persistance paid off in the dying minutes of the game and Din Sula was the match winner with a header which just got pass the reach of turnhout’s brilliant keeper, 2-1; final score.


Diegem Sport: Gillian, Adil, Yunus, Emile, Nassim, Sabri, Nils, Souhail, Din, Drin, Ayoub;- Thoma, Jeremy, Jorn, Michael
Trainer: Said

Diegem goals: Ayoub & Din
Turnhout goal: Stef

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