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Elite U21: KV Kortrijk – OH Leuven 3-3

Posted by dinedrin on 2016/03/08


20160307 Elite U21: KV Kortrijk – OH Leuven 3-3

OH Leuven: Nys, Caubergs, De Backer ©, Van Hoevelen, Smars (45’Matterne), Libert, Bounou, Durieux (70’Vandermarliere), Bambi, Sula, Peeters (45’Giglia)

KV Kortrijk : Galens (Seys), Deceuninck, Claeys, Pupe, Seys, Techel ©, Lingier, Kaluanga, Lallemand, Selmani, Gantois, Vandendriessche, Ivanof, Couckuyt, Lauwrensens, Daxhelet, Debue

OHL goals: Din Sula 2x, Giglia

Trainer Steven Robeets

Coming up next on 14/03/16 Belgium Cup Pro League U21 KRC Genk vs OH Leuven

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Elite U21: OH Leuven – KV kortrijk 0-3

Posted by dinedrin on 2015/09/29

Elite U21: OH Leuven – KV kortrijk 0-3

OHL U21: Gillekens (Van Hoyland), Labaniah, De Backer, Nelissen, Urosevic, Lokando, Houben, Tapoko, Din Sula, Vandenmarliere, Bounou:-  Caubergs, Smars, Sezer, Durieux

T1 Joost Hendrickx,  T2 Steven  Robeets

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Friendly match Elite U16: KV Kortrijk – OH Leuven 3-0

Posted by dinedrin on 2015/01/10

Friendly match Elite U16: KV Kortrijk – OH Leuven 3-0

OHL U16: Toni, Charle, Arnout, Willem, Mamadou, Bruno, Jenthe, Cédric, Drin, Hamza (Luca, Walat, Benjamin, Andy, Youn, Laurence, Virgile)

Traner: Gunter Vandebroeck


Friendly match Elite U17: KV Kortrijk – OH Leuven 5-2

OHL U17: Doran Gilis, Michael Caubergs, Gert Adriaens, Tom Vandezande, Daan Matterne, Niek Vandenmarliere, Jens Devroy, Ali Nassa, Jordy Soladio, Din Sula, Moise Diya:-  Bart Demeulemeester, Daniel Omidi,
OHL goals:  Din Sula, Moise Diya
Trainer: Steven  Robeets

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Elite U16: OH Leuven – KV Kortrijk 2-0

Posted by dinedrin on 2014/01/18

Elite U16: OH Leuven – KV Kortrijk 2-0

OHL Elite U16: Yannick, Patrice, Florimond, Nassim, Zico, Nathan, Michael, Dico, Jordy, Din, Jonathan:- Gilles, Axel, Jens, Ivan

Brent & Bart  injured

Trainer: Steven Robeets

OHL Goals: Din 2x


Elite U16: OH Leuven – KV Kortrijk 2-1

OHL Elite U15:  Andreas, Youn, Willem, Arnout, Laurence, Yasin, Michael, Fred, Drin, Cedric, Maxime;- Luca, Hakim, Zakaria, Basile,

Trainer: Wim DHondt

OHL Goals: Drin, Hakim

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KV. Kortrijk – OH Leuven 0-2

Posted by dinedrin on 2012/03/03

20120303 at 11:30 U13 KV. Kortrijk vs OH Leuven 1-2
20120303 at 11:30 U14 KV. Kortrijk vs OH Leuven 0-2

OH Leuven Elite U13: Andreas, Yoran, Arnaut, Willem, Max, Basile, Dawid, Maxime, Simon, Drin, Laurence:- Cedric
Trainer: Hannes Wyseur
OHL goal: Simon, Drin

OH Leuven Elite U14: Yannick, Cedric, Nathan, Yoroen, Nassim, Nick, Jens D, Lucas, Din, Jordy S, Axel:- Stijn,
Trainer: Jo Van Grunderbeeck
OHL Goals: Jenc D, Stijn,

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