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Reserves OH Leuven Champion 2019!

Posted by dinedrin on 2019/05/06

Belgian national football elite competition U21 OH Leuven Champion 2019!

20190506 Tubize Belgium, last gameday: AFC Tubize -OH Leuven 1-5

OHL: Ravet, Raemaekers, Geens, Jochmans (70’ Patris), Laes, Irakoze, Lemti, Bahaid (46’ De Cuyper), Bambi, Beeckaert (77’ Allemeersch), Sula (82’ Struys). OHLeuven goals: Laes, Drin Sula, Geens, Bambi, Lemti.

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Belgian Cup U21: KAS Eupen -OH Leuven 2-0

Posted by dinedrin on 2019/04/26

20190426 20:00 Eupen Belgium

Half -Finale Belgian pro league Cup U21 KAS Eupen – OH Leuven 2-0

KAS Eupen: Abdul Manaf Nurudeen, Pierre Weijnjes, Amadou Keita, Rabbi Djongambo, Boris Lambert, Ayoub Elharrak, Gary Magnée, Simon Libert, Lucas Geurde, Adel Bourard, Miguel Musset Quintais :-
Reserve: Tom Roufosse, Romain Turco, Antonio Ralegri, Nicolas Cubedo, Marciano Aziz, Amara Camara, Alessio Sternon

OH Leuven: Maxime Amenga, Louis Patris, Tony Raemaekeres, Robben Geens, Brent Laes, Fred Irakoze, Tala Gur, Peter Jochmans, Bambi N’Zanga, Amir Lemti, Drin Sula (c):- Tony Vlogaert, Derrick Kyere, Bayan Meane, Arnout De Cuyper, Shown Beeckaert, Trainer : Joost Heendrickx

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Elite U21: R. Union – OH Leuven 0-5

Posted by dinedrin on 2019/03/19

20190318 23th game day Elite Reserves 1B U21 R. Union – OH Leuven 0-5

OH Leuven: Vlogaert, Gaye, Raemakers, Patris, Laes, Lemti, Meane, Bahaid, Bambi, De Cuyper, Drin Sula (c): >Amenga, Mahajindawong, Allemeersch, Geens, Struys, Hermans, Irakoze.

OHL goals: Bambi, Drin Sula, Gaye, Bahaid, Allemeersch

OHL Trainer: Joost Hendriekx

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Elite U21: OH Leuven – Lommel Sk 2-0

Posted by dinedrin on 2019/03/05

20190304 Belgian national football 1B elite competition U21: OH Leuven – Lommel Sk 2-0

OHL: Thamsatchanan, Raemaekers, Geens, Jochmans, Laes, Irakoze, Gaye Mame, Beeckaert, Bambi, Lemti, Sula Drin (c); Ravet, Hermans, Maene, Patris, Alemeersch, Bahaid, De Cuyper

OHL goals: Gaye, Sula Drin

OHL trainer: Joost Hendrickx

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Elite U21: OH Leuven -AFC Tubise 3-0

Posted by dinedrin on 2017/01/16

20170116 14th game day  Heverlee @ 20:00 OH Leuven – AFC Tubise 3-0

OH Leuven: Suederick, Malela (65′ Jonckheere), Smars (80’Masselis), Libert, Matterne, Mertens, Drin Sula (74′ Diarra), Peeters, Bambi, Laurent, Bunga (80′ Beeckaert)

OHL goals: Smars, Sula Drin, Bunga

Trainer: Joost Hendrickx

AFC Tubise: De Jonghe, Convertini, Bacanamwo, Kaponda, Wuyts, Azzouzi, Plutzer, Deville, Basile, D’Errico, Lisot; Aragon, Mukota, Cochez

Trainer: Eddy Brogniez

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Trainingmatch: Rotselaar – OHL U21 3-4

Posted by dinedrin on 2015/07/21


20150721 Trainingmatch: Rotselaar – OHL U21  3-4

OHL 1st halft : Nys, Olemans, Labanieh (c), Truyers, Matterne, Libert, Youssef, Tulleneers, Drin Sula, Peeters, Nelissen 

OHL 2de halft : Nys (Dewit), Caubergs, Labanieh (Olemans), Deglas, Diarra, Vandermarliere, Durieux, Bounou, Mertens, Nelissen (Matterne) en Soladio (c).

OHL goals: Youssef, Drin Sula, Olemans, Soladio

T1 Joost Hendrickx,  T2 Steven  Robeets

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OH Leuven inaugurates synthetic pitch at fanday and won with U21 vs KV Mechelen

Posted by dinedrin on 2015/07/18

Friendlymatch U21: OH Leuven – KV Mechelen 2-1

OHL : Nys, Labanieh, Olemans, Matterne, Durieux, Drin Sula, Soladio, Peeters, Bounou, Nelissen, Vandermarliere, Youssef, Mertens, Caubergs, Libert + testers

OHL goals: (tester Ngombo), Drin Sula

T1 Joost Hendrickx,  T2 Steven  Robeets

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