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OHL Elite U14


3 Responses to “OHL Elite U14”

  1. Hello
    How are you?
    Hope as well.
    I am Klejdi Daci
    I live in Tirana,Albania
    I am 14 years old
    My heighs:1.74/75 cm
    My weighs:62 kg
    My birthday:22.4.1999
    I play for F.C Term
    And play as miedfield,organizer.
    I play very good football.
    I want to know if you give me a chance to join with you and your team.
    I am hear from you.
    My kind Regards.
    Klejdi Daci

    Message go for coach of team and for recruiter of team.

    • dinedrin said


      Sa di une, ne keto grupmosha, ekipa jone nuk angazhon lojtare nga jashte.
      Uroje te luani dhe zhvilloheni aty ku jeni..

  2. Klejdi Daci said

    Pershendetje,tani shume rastesisht e pash kete mesazh
    mund te me kontaktoni ne facebook: Klejdi daci
    ose ne whatsaapp ose viber
    +355 68 57 53 744
    Ose ne skype
    qe te flasim per me teper,plus qe tani jam ne moshe me te madhe dhe kam pasur nje potencial shume te madh

    Faleminderit 🙂

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