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Archive for March, 2019

Elite U11: OH Leuven – Anderlecht 2-3

Posted by dinedrin on 2019/03/31

Belgian national footbal elite competition U11: Play-off 1, 2gameday 20190330 Kessel-lo OHL Leuven – RSC Anderlesht 2-3

OHL : Bas, Victor, Briek V, Bjerre, Arne, Edon, Ali,
Briek W,: Mathias, Kilyan, Julles

Trainer: Maarten Ruymen

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Elite U21: R. Union – OH Leuven 0-5

Posted by dinedrin on 2019/03/19

20190318 23th game day Elite Reserves 1B U21 R. Union – OH Leuven 0-5

OH Leuven: Vlogaert, Gaye, Raemakers, Patris, Laes, Lemti, Meane, Bahaid, Bambi, De Cuyper, Drin Sula (c): >Amenga, Mahajindawong, Allemeersch, Geens, Struys, Hermans, Irakoze.

OHL goals: Bambi, Drin Sula, Gaye, Bahaid, Allemeersch

OHL Trainer: Joost Hendriekx

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Elite U11: OH Leuven – KRC Genk 3-6

Posted by dinedrin on 2019/03/16

20190316 1st game day play-off 1 Elite U11: OH Leuven – KRC Genk 3-6

OHL : Bas, Briek V, Arne, Monsef, Edon, Mathias, Ali, Jesse; Diego, Kilyan,

OHL goals: Jesse 2x, Ali 1x

OHL Trainer: Dries Charlier

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Elite U21: OH Leuven – Lommel Sk 2-0

Posted by dinedrin on 2019/03/05

20190304 Belgian national football 1B elite competition U21: OH Leuven – Lommel Sk 2-0

OHL: Thamsatchanan, Raemaekers, Geens, Jochmans, Laes, Irakoze, Gaye Mame, Beeckaert, Bambi, Lemti, Sula Drin (c); Ravet, Hermans, Maene, Patris, Alemeersch, Bahaid, De Cuyper

OHL goals: Gaye, Sula Drin

OHL trainer: Joost Hendrickx

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Elite U11: Lokeren – OHL 5-7

Posted by dinedrin on 2019/03/02

20190302 Belgian football elite competition U11: SC Lokeren – OH Leuven 5-7

OHL : Bas, Briek V, Arne, Jules, Edon, Loic, Ali, Diego; Dante, Jesse, Briek W

OHL goals: Edon 1x, Jesse 4x, Briek W 1x, Loic 1x

OHL Trainer: Maarten Ruymen

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