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Elite U21: R. Antwerp FC. – OH Leuven 2-2

Posted by dinedrin on 2014/12/16

Elite U21: R. Antwerp FC.  – OH Leuven 2-2

OHL U21:  Nick Gillekens, Tom Carlens, Stef Debaker, Hakim Labanieh,  Cédric Buekers, Ogun Yavuz (c), Baybora Sezer (64′ Michael Caubergs) Jordy Lokando, Jordy Soladio (64′ Redouan Ben Hamou), Din Sula (64′ Robin Peeters), Mattiece Nelissen (75′ Yorik Feyaerts)

OHL goals: Sezer, Debaker

T1: Joost Hendrickx,  T2 Steven  Robeets

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