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Tournament Deinze: OHL elite U15 WINNAR! U17 3rd place

Posted by dinedrin on 2014/04/21


Tournament Deinze U15: OHL U15 Winnar!

OH Leuven – KVK Westhoek 3-0

OHL Goals: Cedric, Drin, Derich

OH Leuven – RAEC Mons  0-0

OH Leuven – KSV Oudenaarde 2-1

OHL Goals: Cedric, Drin (P)

OH Leuven – KMSK Deinze 2-1

OHL Goals: Michael, Drin

OHL Elite U15: Andreas, Youn, Zakaria, Arnout, Laurence, Yassine, Derick, Drin, Maxime, Cedric, Hakim; Basile, Michael

OHL Goals:  Cedric 2 Drin 3, Derich 1

Trainer: Wim DHondt

Reeks 1


Reeks 2

KMSK Deinze _ OH Leuven
RWDM Brussels _ KVK Westhoek
KSC Lokeren _ KSV Oudenaarde
KSTV Temse _ RAEC Mons


KMSK Deinze 0–1 RWDM Brussels                    (drin 2-0) OH Leuven 3–0 KVK Westhoek
KSC Lokeren 2–0 KSV Temse SW Harelbeke 1–0 RAEC Mons
KMSK Deinze 2–1 KSV Temse OH Leuven 0–0 RAEC Mons
RWDM Brussels 1–3 KSC Lokeren KVK Westhoek 0-1 KSV Oodenaarde
KMSK Deinze 1–0 KSC Lokeren               (drin 2-1 (P) OH Leuven 2–1 KSV Oodenaarde
SK Sint- Niklaas 0–2 KSV Temse KVK Westhoek 0–1 RAEC Mons


Finale: 1st en 2de plaats

OH Leuven  2-1 KMSK Deinze

1 OH Leuven
2 KMSK Deinze
3 KSV Oodenaarde
4 KSC Lokeren
5 RAEC Mons
6 KSV Temse
7 KVK Westhoek
8 RWDM Brussels


Tournament Deinze U17: OHL mixt u16/17 3rd place

ST Wetteren – OH Leuven 0-2

OHL Goals: Robin, Jordy

OH Leuven – SW Harelbeke  0-0

Zulte Waregem – OH Leuven 1-0

OH Leuven – Racing Waregem  2-0

OHL Goals: Din, Robin

OHL mixt U16 /U17: Kenneth, Michael, Robe, Zico, Robbe, Daan, Salim, Dico, Jordy, Robin, Axel-: Patrice, Florimond, Din, Gilles 

OHL Goals: Robin 2 x, Jordy, Din 

Trainer: Steven Robeets

Reeks 1

_                                                                                       Tournaument U17

Reeks 2

KMSK Deinze _ St Wetteren
SK Sint- Niklaas _ OH Leuven
KSC Lokeren _ SW Harelbeke
Recing Waregem _ Zulte Waregem


KMSK Deinze 1–1 SK Sint- Niklaas ST Wetteren 0–2 OH Leuven
KSC Lokeren 6–0 Recing Waregem SW Harelbeke 0–2 Zulte Waregem
KMSK Deinze 0–1 Recing Waregem ST Wetteren 0–1 Zulte Waregem
SK Sint- Niklaas 0–3 KSC Lokeren OH Leuven 0-0 SW Harelbeke
KMSK Deinze 0–4 KSC Lokeren ST Wetteren 0–0 SW Harelbeke
SK Sint- Niklaas 0–0 Recing Waregem OH Leuven 0–1 Zulte Waregem


3de en 4th plaace

OH Leuven 2-0 Racing Wregem


1 Zulte Waregem
2 KSC Lokeren
3 OH Leuven
4 Recing Waregem
5 SK Sint- Niklaas
6 SW Harelbeke
7 ST Wetteren
8 KMSK Deinze


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