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20111203 U13: OH Leuven – RAEC MONS 1-1

Posted by dinedrin on 2011/12/03

20111203 at 10:30 U13: OH Leuven – RAEC Mons 1-1
20111203 at 10:30 U14: OH Leuven – RAEC Mons 1-3

OH Leuven Elite U13:
Brecht, Yoran, Senne, Willem, Arnout, Basil, Dawid, Maxime, Simon, Drin, Laurens:- Cedric, Lander
Trainer: Hannes Wyseur
OHL goal: Dawid

OH Leuven Elite U14:
Gilles (Yannick), Nattan, Cedric, Yoroen, Nassim, Nick, Jens D, Brusck, Din, Jordy S, Axel (Stijn) Jordy SM
Trainer: Jo Van Grunderbeeck
OHL Goal: Din

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