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Archive for November 11th, 2010

Geitencup: K. Diegem Sport – Willebroek Meerhof 10-2

Posted by dinedrin on 2010/11/11

20101011 10:30 Geitencup: K. Diegem Sport – Willebroek Meerhof 10-2

As the rain poured down in Belgium, so did the goals, for Diegem. Diegem proved to be too strong for their opponent, Willebroek Meerhof and the scoreline at the final whistel showed it Diegem won 10-2( 5-1 at half time). For the Diegem it was fairly routine stuff, control the mid-field and take the chances up front, with the defenders proctecting their goalkeeper who was rarely tested but still had to pick up the ball twice from behind his own net. Almost everyone in The Diegem squard got a chance to put their name in the score sheet, but I must say that the best goal came from off the foot of their opponent’s striker who strucked a fine shot from tip of the Diegem penalty box giving Gilian no chance at all to stop it from going in, for their second goal. When all is said the scoreline was almost expected by, Diegem, trainer and fans and the team delivered it well. Well done Diegem!.

Diegem Sport: Gillian, Adil, Yunus, Emile, Cedric, Sabri, Nils, Souhail, Din, Drin, Ayoub:- Jeremy, Nassim, Jorn & Michael
Trainer Said;
Goals: Ayoub, Din, Nils, Drin, Jeremy, Michael, Souhail, Sabri, Jorn & Nassim.

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