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Archive for November, 2010

Anderlecht vs Charleroi – Business seats 4 our KDS U13

Posted by dinedrin on 2010/11/27

RSC Anderlecht vs Charleroi

On November 27, our KDS National U13 players accompanied by thier parends ware invited to watch on business seats thier favorit team: RSC Anderlecht vs Charleroi 4-1

A big thanks to Emil’s father!

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K. Diegem Sport – R.AEC. Mons 2-0

Posted by dinedrin on 2010/11/26

20101127 K. Diegem Sport – R.AEC. Mons 2-0

Diegem Sport: Gillian, Adil, Emile, Cedric, Nassim, Jeremy, Sabri, Souhail, Din, Drin, Ayoub;- Nils, Thoma, Jorn & Yunus
Trainer Said

Goals: Souhail & Din

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Bregel Sport – K. Diegem Sport 0-1

Posted by dinedrin on 2010/11/20

Bregel Sport – K. Diegem Sport 0-1

Both sides entered the game with caution, Diegem, know they cannot afford to loose points, and Bregel, not wanting to repeat the 7-0 trashing they received when they played away in Diegem, in September.As a result both teams did not creat much chances, and just when it looked like the teams will take a point each, Diegem was presented with a lucky break in the last 10 minutes of the game. Din found Thoma unmarked at the left hand side of the Bregel panelty area and provided him with a neat pass, Thoma, had a rather acute angle to take a chance he did so with a accurate lob that grazed passed the bewilded keeper, into the back of the net.The celebration from the Diegem camp showed just how important that goal was to them. Diegem could have increase their lead in the dying mimutes of the game, when they were awarded a penalty. However the panalty was squanded, by Gilian and it counted for nothing. Bregel made Diegem to work hard for the three points, when the final whistel went there were dissappointments at the Bregel’s camp, who felt that they deserved at least a point from the game, and relief in the Diegem’s camp. Final score, Bergel Sport 0 – K Diegem Sport 1.

Diegem Sport: Gillian, Adil, Emile, Cedric, Nassim, Jeremy, Nils, Souhail, Din, Drin, Ayoub;- Thoma, Jorn & Yunus
Trainer Said

Goal: Thoma,

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GeitenCup: K. Ruppel Boom FC – K. Diegem Sport 1-3

Posted by dinedrin on 2010/11/17

Datum Uur Terrein Wedstrijd Uitslag
6-okt-2010 17:45 A Willebroek-Meerhof – Rupel Boom 1 – 5
6-okt-2010 19:00 A Diegem Sport – KFCO Wilrijk 7 – 1
13-okt-2010 17:45 A KRC Mechelen – Germinal Beerschot 3 – 5
13-okt-2010 19:00 A Eendracht Opstal – K. Mariaburg VK 0 – 2
12-jan-2011 17:45 A K. Lyra TSV – K. Berchem Sport 1 – 1
12-jan-2011 19:00 A Dilbeek Sport – R. Cappellen FC 0 – 0
27-okt-2010 17:45 A K. Ternesse VV – KFC Lint 3 – 0
27-okt-2010 19:00 A KFC Vrasene – SK Londerzeel 5 – 2
11-nov-2010 10:30 A Rupel Boom – KFCO Wilrijk 1 – 2
11-nov-2010 10:30 B Diegem Sport – Willebroek-Meerhof 10 – 2
11-nov-2010 12:00 A Germinal Beerschot – K. Mariaburg VK 13 – 0
11-nov-2010 12:00 B Eendracht Opstal – KRC Mechelen 2 – 9
11-nov-2010 13:30 B K. Berchem Sport – R. Cappellen FC 0 – 6
3-nov-2010 18:30 A Dilbeek Sport – K. Lyra TSV 6 – 0
11-nov-2010 15:00 A KFC Lint – SK Londerzeel 2 – 1
11-nov-2010 15:00 B KFC Vrasene – K. Ternesse VV 2 – 2
17-nov-2010 17:45 A KFCO Wilrijk – Willebroek-Meerhof 1 – 1
17-nov-2010 19:00 A Rupel Boom – Diegem Sport 1 – 3
24-nov-2010 17:45 A K. Mariaburg VK – KRC Mechelen 1 – 3
24-nov-2010 19:00 A Germinal Beerschot – Eendracht Opstal 14 – 0
19-jan-2011 17:45 A R. Cappellen FC – K. Lyra TSV
2-feb-2011 18:30 A K. Berchem Sport – Dilbeek Sport
26-jan-2011 17:45 A SK Londerzeel – K. Ternesse VV
26-jan-2011 19:00 A KFC Lint – KFC Vrasene

20101117 K. Ruppel Boom FC – K. Diegem Sport 1-3

Diegem Sport: Gillian, Adil, Emile, Nassim, Jeremy, Souhail, Nils, Drin, Thoma, Din, Ayoub;- Cedric & Yunus
Trainer Said

Goals: Thoma, Din, Thoma

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Geitencup: K. Diegem Sport – Willebroek Meerhof 10-2

Posted by dinedrin on 2010/11/11

20101011 10:30 Geitencup: K. Diegem Sport – Willebroek Meerhof 10-2

As the rain poured down in Belgium, so did the goals, for Diegem. Diegem proved to be too strong for their opponent, Willebroek Meerhof and the scoreline at the final whistel showed it Diegem won 10-2( 5-1 at half time). For the Diegem it was fairly routine stuff, control the mid-field and take the chances up front, with the defenders proctecting their goalkeeper who was rarely tested but still had to pick up the ball twice from behind his own net. Almost everyone in The Diegem squard got a chance to put their name in the score sheet, but I must say that the best goal came from off the foot of their opponent’s striker who strucked a fine shot from tip of the Diegem penalty box giving Gilian no chance at all to stop it from going in, for their second goal. When all is said the scoreline was almost expected by, Diegem, trainer and fans and the team delivered it well. Well done Diegem!.

Diegem Sport: Gillian, Adil, Yunus, Emile, Cedric, Sabri, Nils, Souhail, Din, Drin, Ayoub:- Jeremy, Nassim, Jorn & Michael
Trainer Said;
Goals: Ayoub, Din, Nils, Drin, Jeremy, Michael, Souhail, Sabri, Jorn & Nassim.

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KSK. Hasselt – K. Diegem Sport 0-3

Posted by dinedrin on 2010/11/06

KSK Hasselt – K. Diegem Sport 0-3

Diegem went into the game determine to get back into winning ways, after two conseceutives draws, their hunger for the full 3 points was rewarded, shortly after kick-off. A calculated, header by Din, from a corner kick taken by Nils, just minutes after kick-off, found the the left hand corner of the roof of the net, leaving keeper and defenders rooted to the ground as they watched the ball go in. Midway through the first half a simple pass after some brilliant footwork by Drin to distract the dedenders found Sabri at the top of the panelty box, from there he blasted a well taken shot which sailed past keeper and defenders, and once again it found the the left hand corner of the net, the first half ended with Diegem going into the dressing room with a conviencing 0-2 lead.

The second-half, saw Hasselt making a strong come back but their efforts were swiftly met by the rezillion deigem backline. When Diegem finally regained control of the match, a clear panelty claim in their favour was denied by the refree. However, Diegem sealed the victory and bagged in the 3 points, when a pass from Din found Michael in Hasselt’s panelty area, he went pass a defender and took a tame shot, which caught the keeper off guard and made it 0-3 for Diegem. Seconds before the final whistle, a cleaver dummy by Nils found Sabri about 3 meters in front of the keeper, however his shot this time went stright into the arms of the keeper. The refree blew for the final whistle after that, final score, KSK Hasselt 0 – K Diegem Sport 3, a well deserved win for Diegem. White star, awaits us in our next home match.

Diegem Sport:Gillian, Adil, Emile, Cedric, Nassim, Sabri, Nils, Souhail, Din, Drin, Ayoub:- Jeremy, Yunus & Jorn
Trainer Said

Goals: Diegem Sport: Din 0-1, Sabri 0-2, Michael 0-3

Yannic Loix @ 15-11-2010 from KSK Hasselt internet Site: http://www.kskh-jeugd.be/
Op een moeilijk bespeelbaar veld mochten we aantreden tegen de ongeslagen leider in deze reeks. Al in de beginfase kon een hoekschop binnengekopt worden aan de tweede paal door de krachtige en grote spits van Diegem. 0-1. We speelden nochtans niet slecht en lieten de bal bij momenten goed rond gaan maar in de duels trokken we toch te vaak aan het kortste eind. Als we de bal niet voldoende weggewerkt krijgen wordt de bal van ver buiten de backlijn onder de lat binnengetrapt. 0-2. Na de pauze combineren we beter en gaan we op zoek naar een doelpunt. De laatste pass komt er echter niet voldoende uit en het is weeral Diegem die na een snelle counter de score nog kunnen opdrijven na alweer een krachtig afstandsschot. Eindstand 0-3.

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